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Our recordings are available at all good NZ record stores. Support your local music shop by buying our CDs from them. You can also get our songs from iTunes, and order our CDs online from www.smokecds.com & www.amplifier.co.nz & www.marbecks.co.nz.

I Love You... EP    The Dreaming EP    A Little Bit Wonderful EP    The Heartache EP    Blue Smoke

I Love You... EP

Dreaming EP

"I Love You..." features artwork by Maiangi Waitai, including doll versions of each WIUO member, and four different colouring-in posters (each EP has one, but which one?!). The EP comes with - count 'em - 7 songs and you can download it now from Amplifier or iTunes (worldwide), or buy it at the shops (in New Zealand).

Track Listing:
1. Afternoon Delight
2. Boogey Man.
3. This Charming Man.
4. All Through The Night.
5. Raylene.
6. Jolene.
7. Cry Me A River.

The Dreaming EP

Dreaming EP

The EP comes with 5 songs and you can download it now from Amplifier

1. Africa ( Toto) 1982
2. Dreaming of You (The Coral) 2002
3. Blue Smoke (Ruru Karaitiana) 1940
4. I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (Prince)1987
5. That's Amore (Dean Martin)1952

TVNZ Review
Rating: 9/10

"The minute I flipped the disc into the computer, like the sun creeping through the rain clouds, a huge smile began to creep across my face...

...I'm sure you probably wonder if a ukulele band would be nothing more than a novelty act, but there's definitely a sign of musical maturity in this latest EP - from the aloha themed vibe of Blue Smoke, to the opening clap salvo of Could Never Take the Place of Your Man, what the band's done is to create a series of multi layered vocals and harmonies which are pitch perfect and insidiously catchy in the extreme.

And more importantly than all of that, they've made music beautiful, harmonious fun. If I'm forced to pick a favourite from the EP it has to be their cover of the Coral's Dreaming of You - from the opening seconds of the deep double bass to the wonderful uke solo and vocals, this is rambunctious and raucous fun - and perfectly suited for a band who're fast becoming one of New Zealand's musical tour de forces. It's the perfect partner for all those upcoming summer barbies and late night deck parties." Read more

A Little Bit Wonderful EP


The EP comes with 5 songs and you can download it now from Amplifier

Track listing:
1. Ruby (M.Tillis)1967
2. Israelites (D. Dekker, L. Kong) 1968
3. Feliz Navidad (J. Feliciano) 1970
4. Sophie (G. Shirt) 2001
5. Walk In The Park (A. Morley-Hall) 2008

The Heartache EP


The EP comes with 5 songs and you can download it now from Amplifier

Track listing:
1. The Bucket
2. Weather With You
3. It's a Heartache
4. New Zealand Xmas Tree
5. Hoki Mai

Blue Smoke

Blue Smoke Vinyl
On the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of New Zealand's first official pop single, the WIUO are proud to present a shiny blue vinyl release of our version of 'Blue Smoke', Ruru Karaitiana's wartime song of longing, with party hit 'That's Amore' on the B-side, and incredibly beautiful artwork by Stephen Templer, overseen by our own Francis Salole & Sam Auger.

The records were pressed at United Record Pressing in Nashville, USA (where Jack White gets his records made!).
The whole product is an artwork in itself but by all means, we encourage you to play the record. But if you don't have a record player, by golly it would look lovely framed on the mantlepiece!

The perfect gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Anzac Day. Very limited pressing.

Available at selected record stores. Ask us where!